4 Steps

4 Steps to a 5 Star Reputation

Our process has been designed to help any business build a 5 Star Reputation so that they are seen as leaders in their community, sector or niche.

In today’s market place where people can find out about your business on different platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. using various devices such as mobile phones, ipads, or computers it is important that you (the business) are in control of what is being ‘said‘ and where you’re being ‘seen‘.

Our 4 Step Process will help you build your 5 Star Reputation, market your reputation across all of the different social platforms, and help you protect your reputation by monitoring the different platforms so you are aware and can react to any negative comments about your business.

Simple to Use System

As a business you want to focus on running your business which is why our system has been designed to integrate into your existing website with automatic updates of your 5 Star reviews.

Step 1:

To succeed long term with any business you have to deliver a good service or goods. When you do, your customers are delighted and share their great experience with their family, friends and colleagues.

Trust Survey

Some of your customers may even give or send you a written testimonial but sadly very few of your potential customers or clients ever get to see these testimonials.

We all recognise that in today’s market customers and clients expect to be able to ‘check you out‘ and look up reviews and testimonials. Even though these reviews are from strangers (people they have never met), we still trust them!

In fact surveys have shown that over 70% of people trust online reviews.

So to build your 5 Star Reputation you need to deliver a service or goods that delight your customers so that when we move to Step 2 your customers or clients take action and leave a quality review that will positively influence your potential customers.

Step 2:

Now that you are delivering excellent goods or service we want these delighted customers or clients to share their great experience by providing reviews. To achieve this we provide you with your own personalised feedback page.

Feedback Page for ReviewsYour customers or clients and directed to your feedback page via a link or banner on your website, or handing out cards, or sending an email with a link. There are so many simple ways to direct your happy customers to your feedback page which starts the review process.

Your branded feedback page is your first step towards quality control. It is here that you can ask some simple questions to ensure your customers or clients are getting the service they want and it primes them ready to leave you a review.

This is your opportunity as a business to automatically ask your customers what they really think of your service. Simple, easy to answer questions such as ‘Would your recommend us to family and friends?’ or ‘What was the biggest factor in buying from us?

By asking a few questions (3-5 questions) you can get some great feedback as to how well you are really performing. After all, if they don’t answer ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Would your recommend us to family and friends?’ your business is not delivering the service or quality they expected.

So the first valuable piece of information you get from your branded feedback page is how well you are doing.

This only takes a customer or client a couple of minutes and a few clicks so there is very little resistance to answering these questions. But, at the same time it is preparing them to fill in a 5 Star review of your business.

Feedback PageYour feedback page has a few 5 Star sample reviews from previous customers or clients and by default is set to 5 Stars encouraging the customer or client to leave a similar 5 Star review. It’s simple psychology to encourage happy customers leave 5 Star reviews.

When they click the submit button to submit their feedback and review the system automatically copies their review and asks them to share the same review on Google, Facebook or any of the other platforms you want them to leave it on. With one click of a mouse or one ta on a screen they can post your 5 Star review directly on Google etc.

Now that your customers are leaving feedback and reviews you can react to both the good reviews and any poor comments or reviews and in Step 3 we show how we market the good reviews and control and respond to the negative reviews.

Step 3:

Now that your customers or clients are leaving you feedback and more importantly, reviews, we do two things. We market the good reviews, the 4 and 5 Star reviews and we react to the reviews that are 3 Star and less.

Any review that is 3 Star or less is a poor review and you do not want it being seen or shared online. The software controls the path the review takes.

Monitoring4 and 5 Star reviews will be marketed and shared across lots of platforms while the 3 Star and less reviews are directed back to you, the business owner, to contact the customer or client, to resolve their issues and improve their experience with your business.

Just as importantly you have to remember that whilst your customers are being encouraged to leave positive reviews via your feedback page so that you can control the outcome, customers can also go to any of the online platforms and leave a review.

The good news is that our software monitors all of these popular platforms such as Yell, Yelp, Google, Facebook etc. and notifies you when a review has been left on any of these platforms. So for example, if someone leaves you a negative review on Yell there are actions you can take to protect your reputation.

Step 4:

Share Your ReputationNow that you started getting your 5 Star reviews the next step is to ensure as many potential customers as possible see them! Remember, 5 Star reviews increase your conversion rate because as we saw in Step 1, over 70% of people trust online reviews.

The first place to show off your reviews is on your own website and the software automatically updates the reviews so that you latest reviews are always visible. Then of course there is all of your social media platforms such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

Used correctly you 5 Star reviews can help increase your Google rankings because the latest reviews are adding fresh keyword rich content to your website for each new 5 Star review and when potential customers see your reviews they tend to stay on your website longer which s another factor that Google takes into account when ranking websites.

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